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  • IncludED Site Study


    IncludED Site Study includes two parts:

    • IncludED SI (Site Intake)

    • IncludED SP (Site Profile)

    The IncludED Site Intake identifies critical resources such as: programs, culture, attitudes, curriculum, and student/staff profiles to create a customized IncludED Site Profile.​​

  • IncludED Systemic Solutions


    IncludED Systemic Solutions are a set of customized planning frameworks, and pathways that provide a clear path to creating inclusive classrooms that reflect:

    • Evidence-informed interventions & instructional strategies

    • Effective, efficient & sustainable solutions

    • Creative & collaborative resourcing 

  • IncludED Skills & Support

    IncludED Skills & Support are customized 

    trainings to implement IncludED Systemic Solutions.  


    IncludED Skills & Support support varied training and support models.

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